Follow our steps to driving safely on the roads over the Christmas especially when traveling to and from work or visiting friends and family.
  • In severe weather, consider whether your journey is necessary. (Don’t make any unnecessary journeys)
  • Check your Tyres – Make sure tyres are inflated to the correct pressure. They need at least 3 mm of tread for winter use.
  • Be Seen – Make sure your lights and registration plates are clean. Use your lights to warn others of your presence,
  • Make sure you are able to see – Clear all ice, snow, condensation and dirt from all vehicle windows and mirrors.
  • Be weather savvy –  Always check the weather and road conditions before setting off. Remember braking distances are 10 times greater in snow and ice. Always drive to suit the weather conditions.
  • Keep Warm – Always carry warm clothing. In isolated areas carry a supply of drinking water, ideally a hot flask and emergency rations.
  • Tell someone where you’re going – Make sure you have a fully charged means of communication (Mobile Phone) and that your emergency work contacts and family are aware of your itinerary.
  • Plan your Journey – Check road conditions and weather forecast before departing. Make sure you have adequate fuel and take regular breaks.